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Tablet Dispensers Inspection

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A fully automated Machine vision system for inspection of packed tablets. The vision system inspects tablet dispensers to detect wrong colored tablets, broken or missing tablets, and missing or defective covers on the dispenser.

Tablets are fed into the dispenser and packaged automatically. In the last operation the transparent lid is mounted.When the finished dispenser leaves the machine three colour cameras inspects the dispensers.

Each tablet is located and the colour is determined. The tablet position in the grove is measured and thereby turned-over or broken tablets are found. Debris from broken tablets in the dispenser is found. The last inspection checks the position of the plastic lid and finds cracks and other damage in the transparent surface.

The tablet inspection is dynamic and tolerates the natural variation in the tablet colour without making false rejects. A large diversity of colour tables can be inspected. When new a variant is introduced, the system will check 30 fault free dispensers and calculate the colour data. The system rejects defective dispensers and collects statistical data.

Features/benefits of JLI Tablet Dispensers Inspection system include:

  • Color inspection
  • Wide variety of tablet types can be integrated
  • Production report generated at batch level
  • Integrated into packaging machine
  • Compact design
  • Automatic operation – no operator input is needed
  • Easy set up for new dispenser models
  • Internet connectivity for easy supportComprehensive production data

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