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Prefilled Syringes Inspection

Product Description

The system enables detection of small chips and cracks in pre-filled syringes with full coverage of the syringe including areas such as plunger, plungerrod, labels and liquids. Inspection speed up to 120 parts/minute. The system replaces a timeconsuming and often error-prone manual control.

The risk of contamination of the drug inside makes cracks in syringes a critical fault in any injection system. The barrier for this fault is often a time consuming manual inspection of all syringes that leaves the manufacurer with high expenses and very little certainty that all cracks have been found.

The JLI Pre-filled Syringe Crack Inspection System is an automatic 100% (online) inspection machine that maintains a very high and uniform detection level on both naked and labeled syringes. Cracks down to 1mm length will be detected in the liquid-filled part of the syringe as well as in the area with the plunger and the plunger rod. 20 years of experience in glass inspection has been combined with experience from label inspection to design a system that will find cracks inbetween the letters of a printed label at up to 120 parts per minute. The system can be integrated in both indexed and continuous motion machinery or it can operate as a complete stand-alone inspection station.

Features/benefits of JLI Prefilled Syrings Inspection system include:

  • Installed online for 100% inspection
  • Developed according to GAMP5 and 21CFR PART 11
  • Calculates statistical data and displays trend information
  • Innovative ligthing techniques
  • Inspects both naked and labeled syringes
  • Up to 120 parts per minute
  • Cracks down to 1mm length can be detected
  • Stand-alone or integrated in existing machinery
  • Internet connectivity for easy support
  • Quick product change

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