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Medical Device Inspection

Moulded Parts Inspection

Product Description

Production of medical devices is a critical manufacturing process. Making faulty components can cause bodily harm or even death. Precise inspection and accurate records are essential and demanded by the Food and Drug Administration.

As the moulding processes mature we see more and more critical components being manufactured using moulds. This ensures a highly automated process, but components still have to be inspected: either for documenting the product quality or for adjusting the moulding process itself.

The JLI vision Moulded Parts Inspection System is a fully automated 100% inspection system that can be tailored to measure the dimensions and surface qualities that are critical for a specific product. A broad range of dimensional measurements are available and special requests are easily implemented - even if they require complex part movement to be measured correctly.
Everything from lighting to calibration is handled by vision experts and the system is delivered as a turn-
key, validated package with a functional guarantee.

Features/benefits of JLI Moulded Parts Inspection system include:

  • Dimensional accuracy < 1 micron
  • Surface / visual errors are detected with very small contrast deviations
  • Calculates statistical data and displays trend information
  • Preventive maintenance
  • 100% inspection
  • High accuracy dimensional measurements
  • Surface quality control
  • Simple dimensions and advanced geometries can be combined
  • Supports advanced part movement/rotation
  • Supports multiple calibration strategies
  • Stand-alone or combined in existing machinery
  • Internet connectivity for easy support
  • Quick product changet

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