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Needle Inspection

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A system for precision measurements of details on needles. The system inspects a macro area of the needle tip, and detects dimensional errors and the surface of the needlepoint after grinding. Precision is better than one micron.

Manual inspection of needles is labour intensive and not uniform in the long term. The needle inspection system eliminates all manual inspection and ensures a high quality in the production of advanced needles.
The inspection system can be integrated into the production environment and will inspect any needle for dimensional errors, burrs, hooks, and even exopy cavities. Any drifts in the grinding of the needle tip can be detected real-time and communicated to operators or production equipment. When the quality of a needle exceeds preset tolerances a reject/accept signal is controlled. This will increase the effectiveness of the production. The needle inspection system can interface to any production database for statistical process control purposes

Features/benefits of JLI Needle Inspection systems include:

  • Can be integrated with automatic handling equipment
  • Detects burrs from multiple angles
  • Single camera system
  • Elaborate dimensional measurements
  • Burr detection
  • Hook detection
  • Epoxy cavity inspection
  • 2 micron accuracy
  • 24 hrs on-line data collection
  • Integrated handling
  • 3.5s inspection time
  • Developed according to GAMP

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