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Catheter inspection can be integrated on existing production machinery. Special optics make it possible to inspect 360 degrees with only a 120 degree rotation only.

JLI’s pharmaceutical catheter inspection system is a compact unit that can be installed online/inline. The system is now second generation and have been developed to meet the high demands for the pharmaceutical industry with regards to quality and validation.
The system can be used for a wide range of different catheters such as urethal and intravenous production.

The inspection system employ three high resolution matrix cameras and customized stabilized long life light sources.
Catheters are inspected for tip, punch holes and tube errors. Through the user-interface, the sensitivity can be set and defect patterns can be selected. This is easily done through a touch panel.
When defects exceed a selected tolerance, a signal is timed and can be sent to a reject mechanism. On request the system can create production reports.

Features/benefits of JLI Catheter Inspection system include:

  • Typical inspections include: tip, eyes and surface impurities
  • Systems are available for inspection of coated catheters
  • Batch controlled
  • Production report for documentation purposes
  • High accuracy tip and punch hole analysis
  • 21 CFR PART 11 compliant
  • Installed online on manufacturing equipment
  • Fast changeover between different catheter types
  • Clever integration of illumination
  • Internet connectivity
  • Easy setup via user friendly software
  • Trend analysis and statistical process control tool
  • System is validated according to GAMP
  • Production reports available

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