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Robot Sampling Station

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The JLI Robot Sampling Station (RSS) is an ideal tool for any production where highly precise measurements are critical or regular sampling of the production is needed. It typically replaces manual human inspection. The RSS system is compact and based on a Universal Robot. It can be customized for most products by changing the griper. The heart of the RSS is an advanced Datalogic vision inspection system which can be adapted to the given product. The RSS system can perform a number of dimensional measurement on the entire product including looking inside hollow products using a boroscope.

For products where the surface quality is essential, the system can be delivered to inspect for scratches, dents or other types of impurities.
As a sampling station the system can be used as a tool, when adjusting the production to a new type of product or quick job changes.
The meaurements can be presented in a report and will contain statistical data.

Features/benefits of JLI Robot Sampling Station include:

  • Standalone unit with compact design
  • Based on Universal Robot and Datalogic vision system
  • Easy setup and change between products
  • High dimensional accuracy
  • Advanced surface inspection
  • Replaces manual human inspection
  • Statistical report of measurements
  • Very intuitive HMI - Easy setup for new product

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