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By looking at the glass tubes from the ends after cutting, outside and inside diameter, wall thickness, out-of-round, siding and ovality can be measured with accuracies down to 5 microns. In addition chips, cracks, end shape glazing thickness, tube length and bow can be measured by applying more cameras. Hereby defective and off-spec tubes can be rejected before packing.

JLI vision’s latest generation tube end inspection system satisfies the demand for high-precision inspection which is required in e.g. the solar industry.

The vision system can measure dimensions like OD, ID, WT, out-of-round and siding with an accuracy of 5 microns. The fuse dimensions as well as chips, cracks and end shape irregularities can also be measured together with the tube length and bow. As an add-on the system can be equipped with cameras for measuring shoulder-dimension on end formed tubes.

The system is modular and can be mounted on existing conveyors. Because measurements are done in-line in sync with the conveyor movement, tube handling is very limited and the only modification to the conveyor is to add a “star wheel” or a similar mechanism. A reject device is connected to the system, and statistical information will be available for process control equipment etc.

Features/benefits of JLI Tube End Inspection system include:

  • High accuracy down to 5 microns
  • Diameters 10-70 mm
  • Capacity up to 5 tubes/s
  • Measures OD, ID, WT, out-of-round and siding
  • Detects chips, cracks and end shape irregularities
  • Measures fuse dimension, tube length and bow
  • In-line inspection with very limited tube handling
  • Internet connectivity for remote control
  • Easy setup via user friendly software
  • Makes manual inspection obsolete
  • Enables automatic packing
  • Opt: Shoulder measurement on end shaped tubes

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