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Product Description

The JLI Tableware inspection system is designed for use in both the hot and cold-end of the production line. The system will continuously measure and inspect tableware as the glasses pass on a conveyor. Glasses outside the ranges of tolerances or with defects will be rejected automatically. The Dynamic Light Box (DLB) creates a grid pattern that can help examine the optical properties of the glass. Distortions due to uneven wall thickness are easily detected.

Features/benefits of the JLI Tableware Inspection system include:

  • Modular system consisting of sidewall, rim, body and base module
  • Accurate measurements < 0.1mm
  • High speed inspection > 10 products/s
  • Small footprint
  • Intuitive user-interface

In the production of tableware the lehr time can be hours and it is therefore important to monitor machine performance before the glasses enter the lehr. The Hot End Tableware Inspector system is designed to measure and inspect the tableware just after the rim burn off.

The system consists of a light box and cameras mounted in water or air cooled enclosures. Background illumination is done by the dynamic light box which in principle is a powerful monitor generating patterns to enhance defects and improve measurements of the red hot tumblers. The use of dynamic light makes the system flexible and easy to operate when making job changes. Trend statistics are generated for all forming tools, transfer mechanics and the burn off stations. Using the system as a trend analyser, enables the hot end operators to focus attention on the tools giving trouble, and thereby substantially improve yield. In addition the system will also reject tableware or debris that may cause problems in the lehr.

General features/benefits of the JLI HETI system include:

  • Increase yield up to 5%
  • Ruggedized unit for hot end environment
  • Adapted to existing production lines
  • Takes up only 400mm of conveyor space
  • Comprehensive statistics for all tools in the process
  • Timed reject air nozzle
  • Internet connectivity for easy support

Some of the different patterns generated by the dynamic lightbox can be seen below.

Any pattern is possible and will and can be adjusted according to the glass type being produced.

Images of the base and rim are also captured.

Installed in the hot end, the system takes up only 400 mm of conveyor space

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