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Print inspection systems meeting medical standard. Integrated with production machinery using either indexed or continuous motion. Optimized for printing process: silk screen, tampon, off-set or laser.

Modern printers often work at a speed and complexity that makes it hard for operators to ensure the quality of each part or even to tell which components need attention when something goes wrong.
The JLI Print Inspection System is a 3rd generation vision system for 100% inspection of printed parts.

The system is integrated in a stepped or continuous motion printer where it will inspect parts for print position, print quality, transparency and dirt. The integration enables immediate feedback of printer performance to the operator, and the vision system will continuously indicate the performance of each individual sheet, blanket and pin to assist in quick debugging and adjustment of the machine.
Automatic feed-back is also included, enabling the vision system to control the application of ink based on the measured density of the print. This will keep the print quality highly uniform without relying on operator time or skills.

Features/benefits of JLI Print Inspection system include:

  • Choose either a built-in teach function or manual settings
  • 180 or 360 degree coverage on round objects
  • Feedback option for adjusting inking process
  • Individual statistics for sheets, blankets, mandrels, print heads etc.
  • 100% inspection
  • Intuitive user interface tracks the source of the quality issue
  • Speeds up the adjustment of the printing machine
  • Keeps the amount of scrapped parts and down time to a minimum
  • Automatic inking ensures high and uniform print quality
  • Quick product or artwork change
  • Measures missing or excess print, transparency and dirt
  • Optional interface to central database system
  • Internet connectivity for easy support

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