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In the production of different types of boards e.g. acoustic boards with a punched pattern or shelves, sometimes a repeating defect may occur, such as pressure marks or dimensionel error or positioning. To detect these defects a vision system can be installed.

The system measures and verifies width, height and all angles of corners. The entire surface is checked for discolorations and impurities. The pattern of holes is taught and compared to every board that passes the system. Any hole not completely punched/drilled out, or containing a scratch/mark outside the desired pattern will be detected. The position of each hole/pattern is verified.

Inspection is carried out inline with a capacity of 1 m/sec and a max. width of 800mm. Wider boards can be handled with a dual setup. The system can handle boards with any given pattern.

The system interfaces to any PLC, to automatically receive information about the board-type and the current pattern. It collects statistical information and relays it to the factory network.

Features/benefits of JLI Brick Inspection system include:

  • Measures any board such as: plaster, glue, shelves, acoustic
  • Comprehensive trend statistics & report
  • Easy set up for new jobs
  • Option: Timed reject air nozzle
  • Internet connectivity for easy support
  • Measure impurities & dimensions/angle/pressure marks
  • Defect classification

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