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Plastic Inspection

Plastic Lid Inspection

Product Description

JLI’s plastic lid inspection system is a compact and portable stand alone unit. The system is 2. generation and have been developed to meet the high demands for the pharmaceutical industry with regards to quality and validation.

The system can be used for any type of plastic lid production, including injection blow moulding, and employ two high resolution industrial area scan cameras and stabilized LED long life light sources. By using specially designed mirrors and lenses the system is capable of inspecting an entire plastic lid on both the inside and the outside using only two cameras. Being a portable unit the inspection system can be used for 100% online inspection as well as an offline sampling unit adding flexibility to your production.

All lids are inspected for dimensional defects, visual imperfections, fins caused by extra material and unfinished products. Through the user-interface, the sensitivity and different setups can be selected. This is easily done through a touch panel. When defects exceed a selected tolerance, a signal is timed and sent to the built-in reject mechanism. On request the system can create production / batch reports

Features/benefits of JLI Plastic Lid Inspection system include:

  • High accuracy for visual imperfections, dimensional defects, fins and unfinished products
  • 21 CFR PART 11 compliant and complete validation
  • Fast changeover between different lid types
  • Built-in reject mechanism
  • Clever integration of illumination, and specially designed mirrors reducing the need for cameras
  • Compact and portable stand alone unit for 100% online and offline sampling inspection
  • Internet connectivity
  • Easy setup via user friendly software
  • Trend analysis and statistical process control tool
  • Dedicated for pharmaceutical
  • Production reports available

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