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At JLI we continously scan the marked for standard vision equipment/software and test various products from a vision technical point of view. The standard vision market is quite frankly fragmented at the moment and it is for someone outside the vision industry getting very difficult to analyze. Combine that with our insight in what it takes to make a roboust and good quality vision systems work 24/7, and you have a perfect partner for integration and solution provider. Whether systems are based on a specific brand from Datalogic, Cognex, Keyence or other products often does not matter. In the end it is the engineering and integration that basically determines the quality of the vision system. At JLI we divide the standard vision market into three products areas:

  • Smart sensors
  • Smart cameras
  • Embedded/PC systems

At JLI we take on any type of vision job. Through talks with you, we are quickly able to decide what type of setup and equipment that suits your application best.

Typical solutions/applications for standard vision systems includes:

  • Web or Continuous 
  • Part Inspection
  • Needle Inspection
  • Color Matching Inspection
  • Packaging artwork verification
  • Medical device assembly control
  • Precision Measurements 
  • Surface flow detection
  • Plastic Molding Short Shot Detection
  • Pattern Finding - Locating and Identifying Product Orientation
  • Label position, orientation and color
  • Packaging/sealing verification
  • Vial in tray counting
  • Inspection of flip-off caps
  • Component assembling verification
  • Component alignment/positioning
  • Lot and batch number reading
  • Expiration date verification
  • Serial number traceability