About us

Why JLI?

Five Good Reasons for Choosing JLI

Know How/Technology: The team behind JLI has solved numerous application challenges in the past >30 years. We have explicit knowledge about which vision techniques will work in real-life. We only use state-of-the-art technology and software that can be adapted to nearly any application. We create customer-specific user-interfaces.
Service/Support: We offer online follow-up and support on all systems. More than 90% of service issues can be handled online. Our systems are born with automatic surveillance of light, hard disk, temperature, fan speed etc. If you need service 24/7/365 we can offer you a service agreement.
References/Partnership: We have Worldwide references. More than 90% of all customers return for more and one of our aim is to seek long-lasting partnerships.
Quality/Validation: We ensure that JLI systems are delivered on time, within budget and at the agreed standard. We standardize our documentation and development using our internal QMS based on GAMP5 and 21 CFR PART 11. We are audited by numerous medical customers to FDA standard.
Specialists/Design: We specialize in high speed/capacity/sensitivity/accuracy, we adapt systems for rough environments susch as wet/hot/cold. We do turnkey/dedicated and standard systems. Our own software library has >30 years in the making.