Through the eye of a laser

One of the trends in micro material processing is using lasers to realize innovative products. Producing or cutting small products such as stents and catheters can benefit from the aid of an ultrashort pulsed laser. How do you monitor and/or measure the production? Well JLI have developed an ultra precise measuring system that looks through the galvo-head of a laser, making it possible to inspect the laser performance in-line. It is not unrealistic to meaure metrically with an accuracy of 1 micron.

One of the obvious benefits of using vision in collaborating with lasers is the possibility of feedback to the laser. The vision system may provide feedback on:

  • Item position
  • Item angle
  • position of text created by laser on cylindrical items
  • laser intensity as the laser ages (laser current adjustment)

Specific advantages when looking through the optics of the laser:

  • Reduces the need for extra mechanics for mounting vision system
  • Operator may use vision to manually adjusting the basics of the laser
  • Focus of the vision system follows the focus of the laser
  • Precise measurement of laser engraved holes because of the 100% complete alignment of laser and visio
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