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Here is a quick walk through of what’s happening at JLI within the glass industry.

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New Developments in Glass Tube Inspection

The inspection of glass tubes is now at a level where quality records of individual tubes are available. Development is focused on three main areas: 1. More precise classification. 2. Optimising the production line. 3. Using ‘Big data’ from all sources. This makes it possible to produce traceable reports related to each batch and will allow producers to document their quality. Get more insight from our article in Glass Worldwide on the subject.

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Machine Learning in Glass Inspection

New technologies keep pushing the boundaries of what previously seemed impossible. Machine learning is currently experiencing a lot of hipe as a promising tool within glass inspection and at JLI vision we have shown that it has remarkable capabilities in especially classification of defects. Sounds interesting? Get more insight from our article in Glass Worldwide on the subject.

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The new HETA — Container inspection in the hot end

The new generation of the HETA specializes in measuring glass containers in the hot end immediately after forming. It measures dimensions instantly and extremely precise. It also detects nearly any type of surface defects based on controlled visible light as opposed to NIR. The HETA is equipped with an intuitive user interface that allows fast and easy setup of new containers.

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The HETI — Advanced tableware inspection in the hot end   The HETI is designed for use in both the hot and cold-end of the production line. It continuously measures and inspects tableware as glasses pass on a conveyor. Our invention, The Dynamic Light Box (DLB), creates a grid pattern that can help examine the optical properties of the glass. Distortions due to uneven wall thickness are easily detected.

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