Get a free service check!

Is your vision system running optimally?

Claim: There are many active vision systems that can be fine tuned in order to reduce the total number of rejects or detect critical defects more robustly. An adjustment of the vision system will ultimately lower the production costs and increase the end customers quality experience of the product.

Offer: JLI offers a thorough check of your vision system(s), regardless of the brand, and with focus on performance optimization. We do this non-binding and for free, in order to demonstrate our compentencies within machine vision. All it requires of you, is a bit of your time during our visit.

JLI vision have:

  • Existed for 32 years and continuously been working with complex and standard systems
  • A loyal staff that collectively have more 250 years of vision experience
  • Systematically worked with vision systems in many different industries and acquire know-how for making vision systems work robustly
  • A wide knowledge with all product groups and large brands such as:
  • Datalogic/PPT vision
  • Cognex
  • Keyence
  • Teledyne
  • Banner
  • Software such as Halcon and Python
  • Expert know-how on key areas such as ligthing and optics which is essentiel for vision systems
  • Through many years worked with validation and documentation at the highest level, e.g. within the medical sector (FDA)
  • Worked with a selection of with worldwide renowed companies

To take advantage of our offer, all you need to do is to call and set up a time for a non-binding visit or send us an email. We garantee you full attention and a short action oriented report after our visit/service. Please note that we offer this to our customers located in Denmark only. Is your system located outside Denmark, give us a call anyway and we will find a fair solution.

Call JLI at +45 39 66 08 09.