Medical Device Inspection

JLI Medical Device Inspection Systems are custom designed turnkey solutions for measuring dimensions, shapes, surface defects, printing etc.

JLI’s medical device systems cover a range of product types and production processes. All our equipment is designed for the relevant environment. This means extraordinary reliability, fail-safe operation and may include high speed and superior accuracy.

General features/benefits of JLI turnkey systems include:

  • Validated and developed according to GAMP5 & 21CFR PART 11
  • Adapted to existing production lines
  • Internet connection for support
  • Excellent reliability track records
  • Custom applications

Examples of Systems Commisioned by JLI


Robot Sampling Station

The robot sampling station (RSS) is an ideal tool for any production where highly precise measurements are critical or regular IPC sampling of the production is needed. It typically replaces manual human inspection and can be customized for smaller products by changing the griper. The RSS system can perform a number of different dimensional measurements on the entire product including looking inside hollow products using a boroscope.

  • Standalone unit with compact design
  • Based on Universal Robot and Datalogic vision system
  • Replaces error-prone manual inspection
  • Easy setup and change between products
prefilled syringes

Prefilled Syringes Inspection

The system enables detection of small chips and cracks in pre-filled syringes with full coverage of the syringe including areas such as plunger, plungerrod, labels and liquids. Inspection speed up to 120 parts/minute. The system replaces a timeconsuming and often error-prone manual control.

  • Installed online for 100% inspection
  • Developed according to GAMP5 and 21CFR PART 11
  • Calculates statistical data and displays trend information
  • Innovative ligthing techniques
Pharma 1 part measurement

Moulded Parts Inspection

Production of medical devices is a critical manufacturing process. Making faulty components can cause bodily harm or even death. Precise inspection and accurate records are essential and demanded by the Food and Drug Administration.

  • Dimensional accuracy < 1 micron
  • Surface / visual errors are detected with very small contrast deviations
  • Calculates statistical data and displays trend information
  • Preventive maintenance
Pharma 2 tablet dispenser

Tablet Dispensers Inspection

A system for inspection of packed tablets. The system inspects tablet dispensers to detect wrong colored tablets, broken or missing tablets, and missing or defective covers on the dispenser.

  • Color inspection
  • Wide variety of tablet types can be integrated
  • Production report generated at batch level
pharma 3 print

Print Inspection

Print inspection systems meeting medical standard. Integrated with production machinery using either indexed or continuous motion.

  • Optimized for printing process: silk screen, tampon, off-set or laser
  • Choose either a built-in teach function or manual settings
  • 180 or 360 degree coverage on round objects
  • Feedback option for adjusting inking process
  • Individual statistics for sheets, blankets, mandrels, print heads etc.
Pharma 4 Cap

Caps Inspection

Pharmaceutical caps are inspected for defects in the rubber insert and in the aluminum cap. As an add-on the system can inspect the holes in the rubber band from which the rubber insert is punched.

  • Measures the shape and dimension of the aluminium part
  • Measures surface errors with an accuracy of 0.01 mm in the rubber inserts
  • Add-ons include color inspection of rubber and hole inspection
  • Integrated SPC gives excellent production management possibilities
Pharma 5 Chips Cracks

Ampoules Inspection

Quality assurance of glass ampoules is a vital element in the production process. The Chips & Cracks inspection verifies the completeness of each ampoule, and can be a substantial improvement in fault detection.

  • Special designed lighting
  • Locates defects with an accuracy of 10 microns
  • High speed application
  • Production report is automatically generated at batch level
pharma 6 catheter

Catheter Inspection

Catheter inspection can be integrated on existing production machinery. Special optics make it possible to inspect 360 degrees with only a 120 degree rotation only.

  • Typical inspections include: tip, eyes and surface impurities
  • Systems are available for inspection of coated catheters
  • Batch controlled
  • Production report for documentation purposes
Pharma 7 Needle

Needle Inspection

A system for precision measurements of details on needles. The system inspects a macro area of the needle tip, and detects dimensional errors and the surface of the needlepoint after grinding. Precision is better than one micron.

  • Can be integrated with automatic handling equipment
  • Detects burrs from multiple angles
  • Single camera system
  • High accuracy < 1 micron

Label Inspection

The JLI label inspection system is a compact stand alone unit that automatically verifies all your printed labels, including variable text, numbers and barcode fields. When a defective label is detected the operator is informed so that the label can be manually inspected and removed.

  • Accepts printer imperfections
  • High speed - One system can service many printers
  • Improve your label quality by eliminating human “error”
  • Smart teach function for new labels
  • Works with any printer
  • Easy setup via user friendly software
  • Shortens your label checking time
  • Interface to PMX and other systems
  • Automatic report generation

Spring Gauge Inspection

The JLI Spring Gauge inspection system is a compact stand alone unit that automatically and accurately measures all essential spring dimensions, including diameter, length, tilt and angle. The system can be used as a tool, when adjusting the coiling machine, but also works as a sampling unit.

  • Standalone unit with compact design
  • High diensional accuracy
  • Traillog of all activities
  • Report in Excel format
  • Very intuitive HMI