Glass Inspection

JLI Glass Inspection Systems are custom designed turnkey solutions for measuring dimensions, shapes, surface defects and material distribution.

The systems cover a wide range of production processes in both the hot and cold-end. All equipment is designed for the relevant environment and can withstand the tough conditions on a glass production floor.

General features/benefits of JLI turnkey systems include:

  • Custom made
  • Adapted to existing production lines
  • Internet connection for support
  • Excellent reliability track records
  • Special applications

Examples of Systems Commisioned by JLI

SK 3020 small

Tube Inspection

Systems used for inspection of pharmaceutical and technical glass production. Designed and developed to meet high demands for speed and sensitivity.

  • No tube handling is necessary. The tube is fed unrestrained through the inspection module
  • Very precise measurements for stone, knot and airlines
  • High speed operation > 10 m/s
  • By pneumatic pressure the illumination unit lifts up to provide free access at line start up
  • Optional add on: diameter, wall thickness and cord detection
Olivotto cutter

Clever Cutting

The production of glass tubes generates many faults and the only way to ensure the right quality is through sorting. This is a wasteful procedure, but Clever Cutting can help you improve the yield considerably. Clever Cutting is an add-on to the JLI tube inspection system with the following features:

  • Reduce waste by up to 40%
  • Improve line efficiency with 2% or more - without any runtime costs
  • Clever Cutting cuts only the defect section of the tube away



Hot End Tableware Inspector

The JLI Tableware inspection system is designed for use in both the hot and cold-end of the production line. The system will continuously measure and inspect tableware as the glasses pass on a conveyor. Glasses outside the ranges of tolerances or with defects will be rejected automatically. The Dynamic Light Box (DLB) creates a grid pattern that can help examine the optical properties of the glass. Distortions due to uneven wall thickness are easily detected.

  • Modular system consisting of sidewall, rim, body and base module
  • Accurate measurements < 0.1mm
  • High speed inspection > 10 products/s
  • Small footprint
  • Intuitive user-interface

Tube End inspection

By looking at the tubes from the ends after cutting, outside and inside diameter, wall thickness, out-of-round, siding and ovality can be measured with accuracies down to 5 microns. In addition chips, cracks, end shape glazing thickness, tube length and bow can be measured by applying more cameras. Hereby defective and off-spec tubes can be rejected before packing.

  • High accuracy down to 5 microns
  • Diameters 10-70 mm
  • Capacity up to 5 tubes/s

Backlight inspection

Backlight tube inspection is a high resolution inspection that meets the demand for high quality tubes used in LCD flat panels. Both ends of the tube must be totally free from defects, especially airlines. This is achieved by using a high resolution camera in each end inspecting a small area while the tube is rotated.

  • High accuracy < 3 microns
  • Scalable capacity
  • Multi-camera system up to 20 cameras
  • Detect small defect such as airlines

Hot and Cold-end Container inspection

A process management tool designed to aid operators and process control personnel in managing the quality of containers at the time of production. Process trends as well as quality-related and critical defects can be identified as containers are produced, providing immediate feedback to machine operators.

  • Defect detection and classification
  • Very accurate dimensional measurements
  • Glass material distribution monitoring
  • High speed operation 900 bottles/min
  • Multi-camera system
glass rod

Glass Rods Inspection

Offline system for inspection of glass rods/tubes. The system measures and monitors the rod/tube while it is transported through the inspection unit. Measurements are taken continuously.

  • Diameters up to 100mm
  • Speed of inspection 100-200mm/s/scan
  • Detects airlines and inclusions 
glass bulb

Bulb Inspection

Systems for inspecting glass envelopes for filament bulbs typically used in the automotive industry. The system examines the bulbs from four angles and detects cracks, oxygen bubbles, inclusions and measures dimensions. The system can be used for batch inspection before packaging.Defect detection and classification

  • Small footprint
  • High speed inspection > 10 products/s
  • Elaborate trend statistics

Stress Inspection

A system for checking stress points in glass bottles. The system is installed in the cold end after other inspection machines. Bottles are inspected by two cameras to cover the whole body from all sides. Stress areas are measured and compared to a tolerance level. Defective bottles are automatically rejected.

  • Detects stress associated with inclusions
  • No handling of bottles necessary
  • Accurate detection > 0.25 mm2
  • Small footprint
glass digit reader

Digit/Mould Inspection

A system for reading mould numbers on the bottom of glass containers. The system looks through the neck of the container, identifies the digits, displays and transmits the number to external equipment. The system has a number of facilities for automatic setup and validation of mould number readability. The system accepts any rotation of the container and all shapes.

  • Verification of present mould numbers
  • Elaborate production reports can be generated with preset intervals
  • Small footprint
  • Teach facility to automatically add and remove new mould numbers