JLI Customized Inspection Systems are turnkey solutions for measuring dimensions, shapes and surface defects, flatness, web, print and 3D.

The systems cover a wide range of production processes. All equipment is designed for the relevant environment.

General features/benefits of JLI turnkey systems include:

  • Custom made
  • Adapted to existing production lines
  • Internet connection
  • Excellent reliability track records
  • Special applications
  • Give us a challenge if you have a new application!

Examples of Systems Commisioned by JLI

thumb Custom 1

Spray Pattern Inspection

It is important to determine the spray patterns quantitatively, since the uniformity and symmetry of the spray produced by atomizers are crucial parameters in most practical applications. The spray pattern inspection system is an automatic tool for spray proces monitoring in production quality control.

  • Quantitative spray pattern inspection
  • High resolution
  • Wide range of liquid and solid sprays
  • Online capability
  • Flexible, compact and portable design
  • Fast, efficient and robust results
  • Non-intrusive
thumb Custom 2

Cable Inspection

In a production line for electrical heating cables the computer vision systems inspect the connections of the heating cables to the coldtails (non heating connection cables). When the cable is installed it is hidden and only the coldtail is accessible. Faults in the assembly of the heating cable and coldtail can make it necessary to break up floors. So the assembly is checked at several steps in the process.

  • Customer specified inspections and measurements
  • Integrated with the production lines control system
  • Single computer with 8 cameras doing 6 different inspections of many different cable types
  • All IO over Ethernet
thumb insulation slab

Insulation slabs

The inspection of insulation slabs enable defects in the finished product to be detected. Defects such as chewing gum, fluff, wet+yellow spots, shot nests and burnt+melt spots.

  • Capacity up to 60m/min
  • Classification of defects
  • Built for a very dirty environment
  • Interface to surrounding equipment
  • Intuitive user interface
thumb Other apps

Other Applications


  • Approach Monitoring
  • Identification of Mineral Wool Packaging
  • Data Network for SPC
  • Petrol Pipe Inspection
  • Power Plant Monitoring
  • Inspection of Transparent Plastic
  • Panty Liners Packaging Inspection
  • Recognition and Labeling of Plates
  • Inspection of Lids for Metal Cans
  • Seed Scanner