New business segment

Thursday, 11 April 2013 10:22

New business segment

JLI vision is expanding with a new business segment. We see a market for robust and well-designed standard vision systems, that are not only focused on the software and hardware, but more importantly are focused on getting the scene and setup perfect for the job. That is where JLI vision can make a huge difference. With 28 years of experience from a wide range of different industries, we have the neccessary knowhow to get everything done in the optimal way. 

We have at JLI vision scanned the marked and tested various products from a vision technical point of view. The market is frankly quite fragmented and it is for someone outside the vision industry getting very difficult to analyze. We found that Datalogic, the former PPT vision has the best product for us at the moment. JLI vision has therefore chosen to become a Datalogic integrator.

Here is a statement from Datalogic: "Datalogic is aiming to become a market leader in machine vision, and that requires a serious integrator. In Denmark, JLI vision is the oldest and has the absolute best reputation, so we were thrilled when they approached us. It also reaffirms us that our investment in R&D and quality of our products are paying dividends," says Johan Cornskiöld, Managing Director, Datalogic Automation AB. "These guys have obviously scanned the marked, so for them to choose Datalogic is a nice pat on our shoulder. We are looking forward to working closely with the skilled people at JLI vision."

Please read more about this on our homepage in the near future or feel free to contact us directly if you have questions.


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