20 years of flawless service

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 01:00

20 years of flawless service

In 1989 JLI installed a vision system in a steelworks in UK. This unit has never been switched off and is still in operation. Spare parts are no longer available so the steelworks decided to install a new JLI system in parallel with the old one, a couple of years ago.

For the historically interested, the old system is based on Multibus with an Intel 80286 processor and the programmes placed in solid PROM. It is a real ruggedized industrial system.

The fans in the system died many years, ago but cooling is sufficient without blowers, even with a centimetre thick layer of dark sticky steelworks dust on the circuit boards.

The system is still working as well as when it was installed 21 years ago and has never received service or maintenance.