Good News for Glass Tube Production

Friday, 28 November 2008 09:43

Good News for Glass Tube Production

JLI vision - the world leader in tube inspection - has launched the third generation inspection system for backlighting and pharmaceutical tubing.

Based on the successful second generation SK-3000/4000 system which detects stones, knots and airlines, JLI has reached a breakthrough in cord detection and is now introducing the SK-4000T. New features for the SK-4000T include extra cameras with special optical systems designed to detect ordinary cord errors and especially the “turn-cord” points.The new system is still capable of inspecting tubes with high rotation rates and drawing speeds.

The SK-4000T can be offered as a stand alone unit that is easy to install on the factory floor or as a module add-on to the SK-3000/4000. By introducing the third generation tube inspection system, JLI vision maintain its leadership in glass tube inspection.