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Through the eye of a laser

Friday, 31 March 2017 13:15

One of the trends in micro material processing is using lasers to realize innovative products. Producing or cutting small products such as stents and catheters can benefit from the aid of an ultrashort pulsed laser. How do you monitor and/or measure the production? Well JLI have developed an ultra precise measuring system that looks through the galvo-head of a laser, making it possible to inspect the laser performance in-line. It is not unrealistic to meaure metrically with an accuracy of 1 micron.

One of the obvious benefits of using vision in collaborating with lasers is the possibility of feedback to the laser. The vision system may provide feedback on:

  • Item position
  • Item angle
  • position of text created by laser on cylindrical items
  • laser intensity as the laser ages (laser current adjustment)

Specific advantages when looking through the optics of the laser:

  • Reduces the need for extra mechanics for mounting vision system
  • Operator may use vision to manually adjusting the basics of the laser
  • Focus of the vision system follows the focus of the laser
  • Precise measurement of laser engraved holes because of the 100% complete alignment of laser and vision

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Get a free service check!

Friday, 31 March 2017 12:04

Is your vision system running optimally?

Claim: There are many active vision systems that can be fine tuned in order to reduce the total number of rejects or detect critical defects more robustly. An adjustment of the vision system will ultimately lower the production costs and increase the end customers quality experience of the product.

Offer: JLI offers a thorough check of your vision system(s), regardless of the brand, and with focus on performance optimization. We do this non-binding and for free, in order to demonstrate our compentencies within machine vision. All it requires of you, is a bit of your time during our visit.

JLI vision have:

  • existed for 32 years and continuously been working with complex and standard systems 
  • a loyal staff that collectively have more 250 years of vision experience
  • systematically worked with vision systems in many different industries and acquire know-how for making vision systems work robustly
  • a wide knowledge with all product groups and large brands such as:
    • Datalogic/PPT vision
    • Cognex
    • Keyence
    • OMRON
    • Teledyne
    • Banner
    • Software such as Halcon and Python
  • expert know-how on key areas such as ligthing and optics which is essentiel for vision systems
  • through many years worked with validation and documentation at the highest level, e.g. within the medical sector (FDA)
  • worked with a selection of with worldwide renowed companies


To take advantage of our offer, all you need to do is to call and set up a time for a non-binding visit or send us an email. We garantee you full attention and a short action oriented report after our visit/service. Please note that we offer this to our customers located in Denmark only. Is your system located outside Denmark, give us a call anyway and we will find a fair solution.

Call JLI at +45 39 66 08 09.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New dedicated employee/owner

Monday, 15 August 2016 11:55

Jørgen Læssøe the owner of JLI vision a/s (JLI) has August 1st sold 51% of the shares in JLI to Jan Dall Christensen. Jørgen Læssøe retains the remaining 49% of the shares. Jørgen Læssøe will continue as CEO, but plans to retire over the coming years and let Jan Dall Christensen take over. Jan Dall Christensen will from the start participate actively in the development of JLI both strategically and commercially.

The expected generation change is hereby accomplished in a manor where Jørgen Læssøe both now and in the future will continue to be a commanding figure. JLI’s many customers are secured continuity and will in the future also experience the competent service and support that they know from today. Jørgen Læssøe explains: “In Jan Dall Christensen I have found the perfect person to take over JLI.He knows the JLI spirit, is dedicated and has the backing of the entire work force. He will furthermore be able to develop on JLI’s current position as a company with a high level of compentency and a strong knowledge of the latest technologies within the vision market”.

Jan Dall Christensen brings many years of international leadership e.g. as CEO of Pedax Maschinenbau GmBH in Germany. Jan Dall Christensen has a degree as a data engineer combined with a business degree from Copenhagen Business School and has through many years been part owner in Stema Engineering A/S with responsibility for the technical department and later on also as CEO. Jan Dall Christensen knows Jørgen Læssøe and JLI particularly well, among others as a member of the board at JLI for many years. Jan Dall Christensen states: “It is with equal expectation and respect that I become part owner of JLI. It is my vision together with Jørgen to strengthen and develop the JLI that I know and try to release the great potential that JLI has together with customers and the clever workforce at JLI”.

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