Brake pad inspection for Intercity trains

Wednesday, 01 December 2010 01:00

Brake pad inspection for Intercity trains

The first unit is now under commissioning and the project is on schedule.

The Automatic Brake Inspection ABI6 employs six cameras to measure the wear on each brake pad. This system is installed at the DSB maintenance facilities and will be used for condition based maintenance. The system will give a substantial saving on brake pads and on labour.

Brake pads showing no wear are caused by the calibres not working, while pads wearing down too quickly are caused by hanging brakes. Thereby the functions of the brakes are also monitored.

It is obvious to use vision systems in condition based maintenance, and trains are an excellent application. Many other jobs can be automated and ensure safe and reliable operation. Checking pantographs on electric trains is an obvious job, and easy to automate.

Brake pad inspection

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