Below you will find a few cases and testimonials from different customers. Most customers return and have JLI as a preferred supplier. Find out why.

carlsberg testimonial lille

Carlsberg, DK

“JLI is definitely not a discount company, but their systems work”
- Mr. Niels Caspersen

Carlsberg has several advanced 'return crate' inspection systems installed. JLI's business with Carlsberg dates back to the very beginning of the company around 1986. Carlsberg has been a valued customer since then.


L.Lighting Glass Co., Ltd, Thailand

“JLI make top quality instruments”
- Mr. Somchai, CEO

JLI has supplied many vision systems to the LLG glass tube factory in Thailand. The SK 3000 has been installed on all lines ensuring optimal inspection and sorting. The cooperation started in 1997 and more than 30 systems have been delivered so far.


Randers Tegl, DK

“Introducing JLI vision systems at our facilities have helped us to control the quality of our products in a more uniform way”
- Andreas Piper, CEO

JLI has supplied several vision systems to Randers Tegl production facilities in Denmark. Systems that help to ensure optimal inspection and sorting. The cooperation started in 2006.