6 goals from the first 6 months as co-owners


6 goals from the first 6 months as co-owners

Written by Jørgen Læssøe & Jan Dall Christensen

February 1st 2017 marked the first 6 months as co-owners, and what 6 months it has been. We have learned a lot together about managing and growing JLI. Here are 6 goals for the future:

1. BIG is beautiful

Our common ambition is to grow JLI in turnover, new employees, invest in education and research to increase the skills of our highly professional team.

2. Strategy with focus

On the strategic side our technology focus in the coming years will primarily be on machine learning, 3D vision and hyper spectral. 

3. Partnerships

We want to have strategic partnerships with innovative and visionary clients to make a difference in the future.

4. Organisation

Within the organization we constantly focus on new ways of doing things, creating new lean procedures. This also means investing in new IT, quality management, state of the art hardware and test facilities.

5. Research

We have decided to spend 30% of our annual engineering hours on research and development projects related to our focus areas.

6. Knowledge

We will continue to share our knowledge for mutual benefit with clients and strategic partners, in the believe that sharing knowledge and ideas are giving more value to the hole process.


Let's see what the next six months will bring. To be continued...