Our View #4 - 2013 Q4

How do you finance your vision system?
Let JLI help you out! 

Written by Jørgen Læssøe

Financing JLI systems has just become a lot easier for our customers abroad. JLI has entered an agreement with EKF - Denmark's Export Credit Agency. JLI has been audited and has qualified for this lucrative scheme.

The EKF organisation provides financing to customers enabling them to buy our vision systems and pay for the equipment and services over five years in 10 instalments.

As the JLI systems typically have a pay back time of a few months this credit will give the customers a positive cash flow.

Each company and case is evaluated by EKF and JLI will assist in this process.

Read more about EKF here http://www.ekf.dk/en/Pages/default.aspx

Ask us about this opportunity and JLI will do the initial enquiry.


Jørgen Læssøe