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About JLI

Jørgen Læssøe Ingeniørfirma Aps was founded in 1985. However, the founder's experience goes back to 1980, when the first industrial vision systems were developed. In 1998 the company changed name to JLI vision a/s (JLI).

JLI is solely involved in the development, manufacturing and installation of computer vision systems for industry and laboratories. JLI systems are delivered as turnkey systems with a functional guarantee at a fixed price and delivery time. JLI's vision systems give you reliable and flexible production control that secures your quality control many years into the future, because JLI:

  • is independent and able to choose the best hardware for the design.
  • together with you we write a detailed specification before finishing the final design, thereby we can guarantee that the system contains the necessary functio nality.
  • systems are fully automatic inspection and measuring systems, based on digital cameras connected to computers running specially developed programmes.
  • works in many different industries ranging from food processing to material hand ling and steelworks.
  • has solved quality control tasks for companies in Europe, the USA, Japan and our home base, Denmark. JLI has partners for some of our products operating world wide and agents in many countries.

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