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Turnkey vision

Turnkey Vision

For uncompromised speed or accuracy that cannot be achieved with standard vision, this is the way forward.

Standard vision

Standard Vision

Get a solution based on some of the most reliable products in our industry.

Robot 3D vision

Robot/3D Vision

Whether you need quality control or a 3D measurement in connection with a robot. JLI can help you.



Need to have an algorithm developed or a proof of concept. This may be your thing.


Use JLI for a second opinion or as experts on your next project.

Leave nothing to Coincidence

At JLI we break the boundaries of what is possible within industrial machine vision. Whether you are looking for a standard vision solution or a complex high-end turnkey solution, to keep the quality of your products in a controlled balance - you have come to the right place. The palette of skills makes us the perfect choice as a vision solution provider.

We are ready for any challenge that you may face in your production.

Describe your problem and ship us some samples. We will invest time and find the best solution.


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